Harland and Wolff Cranes, Belfast

We are delighted to be running a series of night events, following on from ServerlessDays Belfast, to support and connect the local Serverless community and keep the energy going.

Everyone is welcome, especially:

  • Engineers who are curious by nature, excited to explore new technologies and ways of working.
  • Business Leaders seeking the latest solutions and innovations such as product managers, programme directors, and CTOs.

This event is a dedicated space to network, share, learn and be inspired about Serverless and Modern Cloud. We look forward to seeing you there!

ServerlessDays Belfast

The Serverless developer and engineer skillset needs to be wider than ever. We also need to be looking out for what is coming next, to keep providing value to our organisations. With this in mind we are putting together a series of night events. We also have enterprises sharing what they’re doing today in production.

What’s on offer

Become a Sponsor 

We’d love to have you as a sponsor for our next event! To become a sponsor or learn more, please contact us:

ServerlessDays Belfast at Game of Thrones Studios

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